Monday, April 20, 2009

Kimberly's Portfolio!

Hey Guys,
So I started a new blog. Its for my portfolio.. I recently started working with Professional Photographers, Makeup Artists, and Local Designers to further my career and build my portfolio! So check it out and ENJOY!
There is a link to the right... or just copy and paste link

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Celebrity Watch!

Real World Brooklyn
First off let me start by telling you, I love the Real World! This last season they had 2 people from Salt Lake! One named CHET! A girl at my salon (Sara) actually knows him, Chet went to school with her husband and were in a frat house together. I was just excited knowing that she knew someone that was on TV. So turns out after the show he moved to New York to per sue a career in the TV industry. Sara informed me he was going to be in town this last weekend and she had asked him to come into the salon on Friday so we could meet him. Friday came along and she called him but he was just to busy to stop by. But had promised to get an autographed pic to me! I was bummed he didn't show but whatever.

So sure enough on Saturday the fam and I went to Rio Grand Cafe downtown. As soon as i walked in I saw CHET sitting eating with his family!! I was so excited to see him! We ended up getting a table right next to his. I was so stressed, I knew I had to talk to him and asked him for a photo! When we got sat they had just got there food so I knew I had some time.... when our server came over to take our order I noticed they were paying and wrapping things up... Chet was going out the door. I chased after him like a stalker, and called out his name (which was weird) he turned around. and I said "Hi, can I get a photo with you?" He said "Ya of course" I said "I work with Sara at the salon and since you didn't come into the salon yesterday you owe me a picture" he said "Oh you work with Sara? I'm sorry I could come in, I have been pretty busy with the family" Then he asked for my name and shook my hand. He is super nice!

In the mean time mom stopped to talk to Sally, Chet's mom. Sally is really good friends with Becky's mom (Becky is moms friend from work) His mom joined us outside and he introduced her to me and said "She was on episode 2" Sally said "doesn't he look better now, his hair and all?" Shes funny she has a really high pitched voice which I remembered from her being on the show. In the second episode, Sally was not to happy to see that Chet had worn black eyeliner the night before. She made him promise to not wear it again. So when she mentioned something about his hair, I said "Aren't you happy hes not wearing the eyeliner?" she just laughed and said yes. She was really upset on the show...
I also told Chet that if ends up having time to come in to the salon, he had to where his bow tie outfit, It was a classic on the show! Included the colorful scarfs and big fake nerd glasses.
It was funny to bring up something I remembered from the show.

Anyway, there was a very detailed story of my meeting with Chet from Real World! and now for the Pic!

The best part is we are both holding our BlackBerry's in our hands! Mine is red and he of course has a pink case on his!
P.S. he is not gay!

Late Easter Post

Easter... Good times at the In laws!!

Had a fabulous dinner, then a little Easter Egg hunt in the backyard.. Here is a pick of our niece Delilah.. she loved the Easter Egg Hunt!Here is a pick of Ethan our nephew.. He wasn't thrilled with the hunt!

After the hunt, I went outside and watched Robby and Joey with their mad skills skateboarding!

It was a fun Easter with the Fam!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Aquarium..

Went to The Aquarium with mom and the kids on Sunday...

We werent really ready for the picture... fish apparently werent ready either, seeing that there are none in this photo

Anyway, it was pretty fun, Robby and I love fish. We have a 55 gal fish tank. Its all we can take care.. well barely! While we were in California 2 fish died! One we have had for 4 years! I forgot to give mom a key to our place to feed them.. Kelly had to go to the office and get a key while we were gone, that was after we had been gone for 4 days. Thats why we cant have any pets!! Just think if we had a baby! It would NOT be good... We must grow up first!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation Update!

First stop, Jack In the Box St. George!

(OK so this pic was taken at the one in California.. sorry I forgot to get one in St. George)

Michelle loves Secret Sauce!! (I had to post this one!)
Next stop, Vegas to see my BFF Devin!

It was good to see Devin, we haven't seen her since our wedding! Shes planning on visiting again this summer!

Next up... CALIFORNIA!
Our sister Lauren had NO idea we were coming! She was so surprised!

We went to the Orange County Swap meet! Found alot of good and random things, you never know what you will find!

I always request to go to HUNTINGTON BEACH!

We went on St Patricks day, they ended up having a huge sidewalk sale at all the stores and there was also a farmers market! Plus the weather was perfect!

The water of course was FREEZING!

and that's why I'm leaping out of it

Robby had never been to In-N-Out,

So we HAD to go there!

Robby's first bite! He loved it of course!

After leaving BEAUTIFUL California, Robby and I stayed 2 nights in Vegas..

Not the cleanest place...

Robby posing

Our first time gambling... Is it considered gambling if we only spent about $10 and only did the Penny slots? Did we win? Lets just say Robby did make $1 turn into $7 then we lost it in less than 5 min. I hated it!

Roaming the smokey strip!

It was a very fun trip, nice to get away! However not nice to leave 85 degree weather to come back to SNOW!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Heading to California on March 14Th to visit my dad, step mom and sister Lauren for Spring Break! Its been a little over a year and a half since we all have seen our dad. Were all pretty excited to take a break from work and school! Robby just got through with Mid-terms... very happy with his grades!
But before arriving in California we must make a few stops along the way...

First, stopping in St George to check on Ann to make sure she is still wearing her hair down and of course eating some good Ol' Jack In the Box!! Hamburger with secret sauce and a pickle. Robby still doesn't get it...

Next stop, lunch in Vegas... My BFF Devin and some of her friends are visiting Las Vegas from New York that SAME weekend we are driving through! What a coincidence!! We haven't seen Devin since our wedding! So we plan to eat some good lunch... perhaps IN and OUT?? or I could always do a second round of Jack in the Box, who knows!

Final destination... Rancho Cucamonga, CA!
Woohoo! The best part is we haven't told Lauren my 12yr old sister that were coming. Its a surprise!
Oh ya, Shell and Amber are leaving early. So Robby and I are driving back to Vegas for 2 nights to hopefully make a few bucks on the nickle slots! ha ha
Who's meeting us there???
We will be staying in Vegas on March 20Th and 21st!
I'm serious...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Busy week...

Well on Tuesday I went to Las Vegas just for the day, I just think that is so bizarre to fly down in the morning and right back at night. Its so strange to not have luggage. Anyway, went down for a quick "Business Trip" the owner of the salon Megan and I went. Megan considers me the manager of the salon, were pretty good friends. It was Fashion Week in Vegas, all the retails go and buy all the product for there stores. They have clothes and tons of accessories! You have to have a retailers licence and own a business to attend. They have tons of conventions going on all over the strip. We only went to the Venetian Hotel where they had The Accessory Show and The Off-price show... We found a ton of new purses and accessories to sell at the salon.

Megan and I

It was very fun and a very successful day

While we were there in Vegas I was told by some random lady that I once again look like America Ferrera.. this wasn't the first time I get this more often than you think.

Lets compare shall we..

What do you guys think?? I mean she said I should be signing autographs! I think it's funny.. But I sure do wish I was a celebrity!


It was a very busy week at the salon, I have been there for 10 months now and never thought I would be doing as good as I am! I have many returning clients and tons of referrals.. you should see how many reviews I have on (keyword:Moore Hair Design) a bunch just for me! I love working in a salon! between Friday and Saturday alone I made over $600 dollars! It can only get better from here!

Robby has been very busy with work and school! Takes a lot out of you to do both full time! Luckily hes very smart so I don't have to help him or I guess attempt to help him. But in a couple years he will finally get to enjoy his job as I do.

It was a very good week!